ExPress Essentials

ExPress Essentials is a rich sourse of dietary indoles, contains standardized cruciferous vegetable blend providing 2% glucosinolates and 35mg of Indole-3-Carbinol, lowers the risk of developing of cancer, regulates metabolism and hormonal balance.

Indication: hormone related disease prophylaxis; body’s protection and recovery after intoxication, alcohol abuse; polluted working environment; allergies; unbalanced diet; constipation.

Actions: potent antioxidant, lowers the risk of developing certain types of cancer, helps to regulate metabolism and hormonal balance, detoxifies the body, contains standardized cruciferous vegetable blend with guaranteed active ingredients (2% glucosinolates).

Ingredients (per 1 packet):


Cruciferous Blend (kale, brussels sprouts, cabbages, broccoli, mustard and horseradish) (providing 2% glucosinolates) - 400 mg, Indole-3-Carbinol - 35mg.

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Sunday, 19 July 2015
good product
tatiana gasanova
Thursday, 04 September 2014
I use this product already 20 days and got my period without any problems. No PMS, no any pain. My friend recommended to me, she taking it more then year and she feels very good in her 52.
Raisa Wildman
Thursday, 10 March 2011
Very good quality and service for ExPress Essentials
ulyana kyrychuk
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