Our company Santegra USA as a branch of Santegra Global has been active for fifteen years on the European Dietary Supplements Market. We have worked long and hard. We are the leading:
- Research Experts of
Dietary Supplement Development (USA),
Dietary Supplements Production Industry GSN (Garden State Nutritionals Co., USA),
- Santegra European Research Center,
- Strong International Distribution Team - Santegra Global.

Formata – exclusive products created to prevent

different kinds of illnesses, and maintain good health

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Formata Supplements


Arthromil™ contains MicroLactin™ - concentrated bioactive ...

Price: $36.80

Bee Royal™

Powerful ingredients of Bee Royal promote natural and long ...

Price: $19.90


Carbonyl iron in BoostIron™ has a lot of benefits in ...

Price: $14.90

Essential C-Curity

Essential C-Curity™ contains vitamin C from five different ...

Price: $19.85

Fish Oil GP

Fish Oil GP contains the guaranteed amount of ...

Price: $21.88


Contains the most effective and safe plant derived lecithin ...

Price: $19.87

Osteo Complex

Osteo Complex is a scientifically advanced natural ...

Price: $29.65

Una de Gato GP

Una de Gato GP contains the standardized extract (4:1) of ...

Price: $17.88