Our company Santegra USA as a branch of Santegra Global has been active for fifteen years on the European Dietary Supplements Market. We have worked long and hard. We are the leading:
- Research Experts of
Dietary Supplement Development (USA),
Dietary Supplements Production Industry GSN (Garden State Nutritionals Co., USA),
- Santegra European Research Center,
- Strong International Distribution Team - Santegra Global.

Esenza – the purification products. The purification of the body is the first

major step towards good health and wellbeing

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Esenza Supplements


FortiFi™ is a purifying cocktail, based on Psyllium – an ...

Price: $19.80


L.Acidophilus contains “friendly” bacteria (Lactobacillus ...

Price: $20.45


PrioriTea™ is the unique time-proved recipe created to ...

Price: $19.76

Red Clover Forte

Red Clover Forte is a wonderful herbal formula that helps ...

Price: $17.84


Refungin™ is anticandidal, antiparasitic, and ...

Price: $35.20


SaniTea™ is a synergetic herbal remedies combination ...

Price: $17.20