Dietary Supplements to Improve the Men's Health

Exclzyme® EN (60)

ExPress Essentials (30)


New Santegra®’s product - Exclzyme®EN is an exclusive formula of systemic enzymes.

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ExPress Essentials is an exclusive dietary supplement, standardized cruciferous vegetable blend with guaranteed content of active ingredients providing the best antioxidant protection.

Sanoprost™ TR

ShieldsUp™ TR (60)


The unique product from Santegra® - Sanoprost™ TR is designed for men - to maintain prostate health and improve the quality of life.

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ShieldsUp™ TR is a unique Santegra®’s product – exclusive complex of potent antioxidants, helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, strengthens the immune system, prophylaxis of aging.

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