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Indication: recovery after illness, post-surgical conditions, intoxications, waste elimination from gastrointestinal tract and liver, low gastric acidity, lack of appetite, decreased immunity, skin conditions.
Recommended to take for 3-4 weeks.

Actions: has cleansing, purifying, detoxifying effects on the entire body: respiratory and circulatory systems, gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, blood; strengthens the immune system, supports gastrointestinal system,helps to normalize intestinal microflora.

Ingredients (per one tea bag):

Burdock (Arctium lappa L.) root - 2.1 g, Sheep Sorrell (Rumex acetosella L.) leaf, Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra Muhl.) bark, Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum L.), Turkish Rhubarb (Rheum palmatum L.)  root, Red Clover (Trifloium pratense L.) tops, Watercress (Nasturtium officnale Br.) leaf, Kelp (Fucus vesiculosus L.) plant


PrioriTea™ - Research Brief:

We live in a toxic world. Every time we breathe, drink or eat, we're exposed to a wide variety of chemical and environmental toxins. From the preservatives in processed foods to the solvents in cleaning products to the mildew on the shower curtain, our bodies are assaulted by toxins on a daily basis. And all those toxins in our environment can have a major effect on our health. 

Some signs that you may have toxic overload are:
• unexplained fatigue;
• skin irritation;
• allergies;
• bags under the eyes;
• abdominal pain;
• constipation or diarrhea;
• bloating;
• headaches;
• weight loss or weight gain.

Your body has its own natural system of detoxification. Your liver, colon, kidneys, lungs and skin work continuously to dispose of the toxins that accumulate in your body. But the number of toxins in modern-day life is much higher than the body can handle. 

What can you do to eliminate toxins from your system and protect your health? It may be time to detoxify.
• Lighten your toxic load by working to eliminate alcohol.
• If you're a smoker, quit. (Cigarette smoke contains 5000 toxic chemicals.)
• Substitute natural cleansers - vinegar and baking soda, for example - for chemical-based household cleaners, and choose unscented personal hygiene products.

Next, detoxify your body through lifestyle practices, diet and nutritional supplements. Detoxification cleans and nourishes the body from the inside out. Try the following:
• Get regular, strenuous exercise (20-30 minutes a day) to improve your basic metabolism and stimulate perspiration, which eliminates toxins through the skin.
• Take a sauna, which also helps eliminate toxins through perspiration.
• Drink plenty of water (two quarts per day is recommended). Water is a natural detoxifier that helps dilute and eliminate accumulated toxins.
• Work on reducing stress. When stress hormones are released into your system in large amounts, they create toxins. Lower your stress levels with yoga or meditation.
• Choose a high-fiber diet, including brown rice, whole-wheat bread and fresh fruits and vegetables. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, such as apples and carrots, contain chemicals that increase the activity of enzymes in the liver. Apples also contain quercetin, a compound that helps the body flush out uric acid.
• Eat foods that contain organic sulfur, which helps stimulate the body's detoxification process. Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, bok choy, garlic and onions are all high in sulfur content.
• Don't forget the essential fatty acids. Found in oily fish, beans, raw nuts and vegetable oils, essential fatty acids help support liver cell membranes and aid detoxification.
• Take antioxidant supplements. Vitamins C and E and CoQ10 all function as antioxidants, scouring out free radicals (oxygen molecules that damage cells) and making more oxygen available to your system, which aids the detoxification process.
• Use herbal supplements such as milk thistle to help your liver eliminate toxins.
• Use natural products to detoxify your body.

PrioriTea™ is a unique formula by Santegra®, created to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, and normalize digestive function.