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Indication: liver function protection against toxic substances, inflammatory and degenerative processes in the liver, taking medication (especially antibiotics), alcohol consumption and smoking.

Actions: normalizes liver function, powerful hepatoprotector, promotes anti-inflammatory effect, contains antioxidants, protects liver cells against free radical damage, essential after taking medication (especially antibiotics and paracetamol containing medicine).

Ingredients (per one capsule):

SILIPHOS® (Milk Thistle Phytosome® - silybin (from Silybum Marianum L. Gaertn.) phosphatidylcholine complex) (contains 40 mg sylibin, 80 mg phosphatidylcholine) –120 mg.



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LiverPro™ - Research Brief:

Research Brief As demonstrated by pharmacokinetic studies in comparison with free silybin and silymarin, SILIPHOS® represents the most absorbable form of silybin known until now.


After oral administration of 200 mg/kg of silybin, the plasma levels of this drug and its conjugated metabolites were below the analytical detection limit, while, after oral administration of SILIPHOS® (200 mg/kg as silybin) the plasma levels of silybin (free and total) were easily measurable (Fig. 2).(animal studies)

After oral administration of SILIPHOS®, the biliary elimination of silybin was not complete at 24 h and accounted for about 3.7% of the administered dose.  After administration of uncomplexed silybin, biliary elimination accounted for only 0.001%. (Fig. 3).

The compound was rapidly excreted in urine where at 72 h the amount recovered accounted for about 3.3%. After administration of uncomplexed silybin, urinary elimination accounted for only 0.032%. (Fig.4).

SILIPHOS® shows the same pharmacokinetic profile in man. After oral treatment, the bioavailability in healthy volunteers, in cholecystectomised patients or in patients suffering from hepatic cirrhosis is comparable to that demonstrated in animal models. (Fig. 2, 3, 4). (2, 10,11)

SILIPHOS® demonstrated a superior bioavailability which, as calculated for cumulative biliary excretion, resulted to be about 10-fold higher than that of the extract. (4)

The improvement of the oral bioavailability for SILIPHOS® is mainly dependent on a marked increase of its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, most likely due to the lipophilic character of the complex. 
SILIPHOS® is to be considered a natural vehicle of silybin, the active botanical ingredient. SILIPHOS® allows silybin to reach the target organ, the liver, in concentrations which are reported to be effective in several models of liver intoxication. (9)