Black Walnut - source of vitamins and minerals

Black Walnut - natural remedy for expelling worms and parasites, rich source of vitamins and minerals, cleanses and nourishes skin

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Manufactured by: Garden State Nutritionals, Inc., 8 Henderson Dr, West Coldwell, NJ 07006, USA.

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Indication: vitamin deficiency (especially carotene), malnutrition, unbalanced diet, weakened immunity, general weakness, decrease in exercise performance, impaired night vision.


Actions: rich source of vitamins and mineralsas, tringent, restores and maintains regularity, improves appetite and digestion, cleanses and nourishes skin, promotes wound healing, strengthens gums and teeth.


Ingredients (per 1 capsule): Black Walnut green hulls – 430 mg.


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Unique features of Black Walnut:

Effective natural remedy for expelling worms and parasites from the body; contains the vast spectrum of vitamins and minerals. 
The combination of the unique old recipes with the latest achievements of nutritional science, it has been manufactured using high quality pure raw materials and the technology that ensures all their beneficial properties intact, in strict compliance with GMP and TÜV regulations.


Black Walnut Product Info:

Black Walnut contains black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) green hulls - a rich source of organic iodine, fluorides, iron, potassium, vitamins A, C, B-group vitamins, tannins, proteins, bioflavonoids. 

A wide range of potent ingredients makes this product extremely beneficial to our health in many ways. 
Herbalists have traditionally used black walnut as a nutritional aid for the intestinal system; it is considered a powerful remedy for expelling worms and parasites from the body, to treat different skin conditions. 

Black Walnut normalizes metabolism, improves appetite and digestion, restores and maintains regularity.
Black Walnut stimulates body’s reparative processes, cleanses and nourishes skin.
Natural fluoride in Black Walnut helps to strengthen teeth.
Black Walnut contains iodine that helps to support thyroid gland and promotes healthy endocrine system function.

The unique combination of vitamins and nutrients make Black Walnut a useful remedy for impaired people and those who suffer from avitaminosis.

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