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Indication: brain circulation impairment, impaired memory, dizziness, varicose veins, menopausal syndrome, sleep disturbance, nervousness, stress, wounds, burns, cuts, cosmetic surgery.

Main Actions: supports mental functions, memory and concentration, improves brain and peripheral circulation, helps to lower intracranial pressure, improves symptoms of varicose veins, speeds up healing processes, mild sedative effect.

Ingredients:(per 1 capsule):

standardized Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) leaf 12:1 extract (10% asiaticosides – 15 mg) (equivalent to 1800 mg of crude herb) - 150 mg.


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Gotu Kola GP Ingredients:



Gotu Kola GP contains Gotu kola leaf extract (12:1) standardized to 10% asiaticoside (equivalent to 1800 mg of crude herb) to guarantee its efficacy.