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Indication: decreased immune response, conditions after surgery and illnesses, intestinal microflora imbalance, prevention of infectious diseases (especially during pregnancy).

Actions: helps support and strengthen the immune system, supports intestinal health, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, promotes tissue regeneration.

Ingredients: (per 1 tablet):

immunoglobulin IgG (from 45% IgG concentrate) – 250 mg.


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Gemalon™ 500 - Clinical Trials:

One of the primary studies on bovine serum as a source of immunoglobulin was conducted on recovering malnourished children. The researchers reported that bovine serum was well tolerated and resulted in improved energy retention with supplementation at a dose of 8 and 16 g bovine serum concentrate for 7 days. (11)

The clinical research data suggest that bovine-serum supplementation may decrease the severity of disease in young calves exposed to coronavirus. (12)

Consumption of bovine serum immunoglobulin appears to positively modulate the primary lipid indexes associated with cardiovascular disease. (13)

Gemalon™ 500 is undergoing clinical trials for such conditions as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, HIV/AIDS and cancer.
Gemalon™ 500 can help as a first line of defense to help support a weakened immune system. This can be especially important when an immune system has become compromised due to HIV/AIDS and can no longer function optimally.
Gemalon™ 500 increases overall gut health and gives an immune system that extra boost it may need after chemotherapy.

The safety and tolerance of bovine serum as a source of immunoglobulin have been studied, and shown to be well tolerated with no apparent side effects.

Bovine serum is therefore being shown to be as effective and safe as colostrum at delivering immunoglobulin factors to the body. Both serum and colostrum contain biologically active compounds such as lactoferrin or transferring, TGF-(beta)1 and IGF-1. However, there are several factors that set Gemalon™ 500 apart from colostrum. Primary among these is the higher concentration of immunoglobulin and bioactive peptides in bovine serum. The serum contains a mixture of immunoglobulin classes including IgG1, IgG2, IgM and IgA for a total immunoglobulin content of more than 50 percent. Of that percentage, almost 50 percent is IgG. Because IgG is stable in mildly acidic conditions and is not easily broken down by digestive enzymes, it retains more biological activity through the stomach digestion, delivering more IgG to the small intestine.
Another difference is the fact that bovine serum is fat free and contains no lactose. Because it is processed from bovine blood, rather than the milk, it contains no lactose and almost no fat due to the fractioning process. The serum also contains no allergenic proteins, such as the beta-lactoglobulin that is found in colostrum. Researchers further speculate that serum delivers immuno-factors in a more balanced ratio for adult, long-term use.


Comparison of Gemalon™ 500 and Colostrum properties


IgG concentrate from

Gemalon™ 500


Total Protein






Other immunoglobulins present

IgM, IgE, IgD, IgA

IgM, IgE, IgD, IgA




Proline rich polypeptides












The characteristic that sets Gemalon™ 500 apart from other immune support products is its immediate effect. Many popular immune support ingredients may take weeks to promote immune function. Gemalon™ 500 works as soon as it becomes soluble.

In the modern world with the increase in number of pathogens, the immune system support with all natural and safe product Gemalon™ 500
could be very beneficial to long-term human health.