How to find a right Dietary Supplements (also known as Food Supplements or Nutritional Supplements) on the market. Basic rules


1. The packaging must be specified by the manufacturer

The packaging must be the phrase: "Manufactured by..."  or  "Made by..."  or  "Produced by..." -this points to the manufacturer of the product.

If there is an inscription: "Manufactured for...", "Manufactured exclusively for..." or "Made for...", "Made exclusively for..." - this points to the distributor of the product or seller, but not the manufacturer.

The signs are very similar and therefore necessary to read very carefully!

2. Knowing who produces the product of interest, ask whether a product is sold outside the U.S.

Why is this important? For example, in the European Union the product must undergo a rather rigorous certification process, the EU operates a permission procedure Registration (banned everything that is not allowed, unlike in the U.S., where Registration is not required and the principle allowed tons of that is not prohibited. Upon registration must be confirmed by a security product for consumption.

Also an important point of sterilization materials in the manufacture of dietary supplements. The production for the U.S. domestic market in the vast majority cases (90%) is used for sterilization of ionizing alpha, beta or gamma rays. In the EU, sterilization of raw materials by irradiation prohibited.

3. Check out the composition of the product and Supplements Facts Table.

What should be alerted:

- Inscription "Proprietary blend", which allows not to specify quantitative the ingredients included in its composition, which makes it easy to enter potential consumer confusion.

- A large number of ingredients in the formula.

- Using Raw Herbal Powder instead of the corresponding extracts. In Ideally - the use of standardized extracts with guaranteed content of the active ingredient.


4. To make sure that the active ingredients are presented in the interesting product in the required quantities.

To do this, you can ask for help in these most authoritative publications:

- PDR* For Herbal Medicines ( Fourth Edition);

- PDR* For Nutritional Supplements (Table Doctor Directory by Nutriceutics, 2 nd edition);

- Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, 2 nd edition) devoted parapharmaceutics.

Good luck! And do not forget to learn U.S. FDA advises!


*) Physicians Desk Reference.