Dietary Supplements to Improve the Functions of Pulmonary system

Echinacea GP (30)

Exclzyme® EN (60)


Echinacea GP is a safe and effective natural product, helps to increase the body’s natural defense against infectious diseases, and to speed up the recovery process.


New Santegra®’s product - Exclzyme®EN is an exclusive formula of systemic enzymes.

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FluGone™ (60)

Licorice (100)



FluGone™ is an effective natural product created to strengthen the immune system, first aid to protect against the common colds.

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Licorice is a natural product containing licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root. Licorice is most known for its soothing effect, acts as a tonic, is beneficial for the digestive tract, improves overall health.

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Pau d'Arco GP (30)

Una de Gato GP (30)


Pau d’Arco GP is an excellent natural product containing standardized bark extract of Pau d’Arco tree that helps to mobilize the body’s host defenses.

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Santegra®’s product Una de Gato GP is a standardized extract of Uncaria tomentosa bark that has a profound positive influence on the body’s defense system.

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