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Cranalon™ is a rich source of dietary fiber




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Indication: constipation, intestinal microflora imbalance, increased body weight, increased cholesterol levels and  blood sugar levels, undue fatigue, decreased immune response, colds.

Main Actions: improves host defenses, stimulates bowel movements, works as mild laxative, promotes body cleanse, increases vitamin and mineral absorption, improves digestion, helps to normalize  blood cholesterol levels, triglyceride and blood sugar levels, promotes the growth of “friendly” bacteria in the intestine.

Ingredients (per 1 packet):

Fibersol 2 (Soluble Dietary Fiber) – 5,000 mg; Proprietary Blend – 410 mg: Aloe Vera gel concentrate  (200:1), Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) powder, Malic acid, Phenalgin™ (phlorotannin extract of Canary Islands Brown Algae)(Cystoseira canariensis), Red Algae (Dunaliella salina).



Cranalon™ Ingredients:

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Corn - Fibersol 2 - a soluble dietary fiber, lower cholesterol , blood glucose levels

Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera) - natural healer

Cranberry - anti-cancer agent, prevents urinary tract infections

Malic Acid

Brown Algae - Phenalgin - energy and weight control

Red Algae - health support