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Indication: bone and teeth strengthening, calcium deficiency, to prevent rickets and osteoporosis, bone fractures, caries, nail fragility, impaired neuromuscular transmission, pregnancy and lactation.

Actions: prevents osteoporosis, strengthens the bone tissues, promotes bone fracture healing, promotes normal growth and development of children, prevents rickets, strengthens the teeth, improves neuromuscular transmission.

Ingredients (per 1 packet – 6.6 g):

Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) - 80 IU, calcium (as dicalcium phosphate and calcium citrate - 500 mg, magnesium (as magnesium citrate) - 200.0 mg, manganese (as manganese gluconate) - 0.2 mg.

Camosten™ Ingredients:



Vitamin D works with calcium to build strong bones and teeth, plays a vital role in calcium and phosphorus absorption, which is essential for the strong bones, helps to fight rickets, supports the immune system.

Calcium is vital for the formation of strong bones and teeth and for the healthy gums, prevents bone loss associated with osteoporosis. It is also important in the maintenance of healthy cardiovascular system and the transmission of nerve impulses, for muscular growth and contraction, and for the prevention of muscle cramps.

Magnesium plays important role in bone health, increasing calcium absorption, has anti-osteoporotic activity, considered the "antistress" mineral: it relaxes nerves and muscles. Magnesium, in combination with calcium, helps regulate nerve and muscle tone.

Manganese is an essential trace mineral needed for healthy skin, bones and cartilage formation and maintenance.