Arthromil™ - increases joint flexibility

Arthromil™ - joint health and flexibility, arthritis and osteoarthritis triement, weakened immunity, increased physical activity

Made in USA. GMP certified. Non-GMO. The Highest USP 2021 Purity Standard. Product #00136.

Distributed exclusively by: Santegra, Inc., 8 Henderson Dr, West Coldwell, NJ 07006, USA.

Manufactured by: Garden State Nutritionals, Inc., 8 Henderson Dr, West Coldwell, NJ 07006, USA.

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Indication: impaired joint mobility, weakened immunity, increased physical activity.


Main Actions: increases joint flexibility, promotes healthy cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, helps to maintain good intestinal health.


Ingredients (per 1 tablet): MicroLactin™ (Milk Protein Concentrate) – 500 mg, calcium – 143.5 mg.


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Unique features of Arthromil™:

Contains MicroLactin™ - concentrated bioactive milk proteins, obtained through the patented process. The product has been manufactured using high quality pure raw materials and the technology that ensures all their beneficial properties intact, in strict compliance with GMP and TÜV regulations.


Arthromil™ Product Info:

It would be great if milk, which you add to your cereals in the morning, not only contained essential nutrients but also would be able to decrease joint pain and stiffness, normalize blood pressure and cholesterol, and improve your athletic performance!
The unique Santegra®’s product Arthromil™ makes this dream true! 

Milk is rich in vital nutrients and scientific research has also uncovered the fact that milk contains micronutrients that have unique and useful biological activity.  In a normal serving of milk, however, this activity occurs at a very low level. Stolle Milk Biologics, Inc. scientists invented innovative technology, which involves sophisticated processes that enhance the expression of powerful "micronutrients" found naturally in cows' milk.

Arthromil™ contains MicroLactin™ - a revolutionary new dietary supplement clinically proven to promote healthy joint function. 

The active ingredients in MicroLactin™ are concentrated milk proteins. These proteins are found naturally in cow's milk and are comprised of unique antibodies and other bioactive micronutrients. Using a patented process that isolates and concentrates these natural proteins in sufficient quantities, MicroLactin™ can be encapsulated.


But MicroLactin™ has much more benefits other than joint care! Clinical trials have shown the benefit of the active ingredients in MicroLactin™ in maintaining blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels. There are potential benefits in sports recovery that is supported by a clinical trial showing improved recovery times in long distance runners. Finally, MicroLactin™ is also rich in antibodies, which may play a role in promoting good intestinal health

MicroLactin™ is created by Stolle Milk Biologics, Inc. (SMBI) - a science-based company that develops and markets proprietary milk-based dietary supplements. SMBI's innovative technology involves sophisticated processes that enhance the expression of powerful "micronutrients" found naturally in cows' milk. These micronutrients are comprised of unique antibodies and other potent immune factors that are isolated from the milk and processed into various health-enhancing supplement products.

Through more than 30 years of research and development, SMBI has verified the safety and efficacy of these novel micronutrients. During this time, 16 clinical trials have been conducted involving more than 700 subjects. Additionally, the company conducted an extensive survey of consumers using its products and documented over 8,000 case histories. These studies have demonstrated the significant health benefits of SMBI's milk micronutrients including: improving joint health, promoting healthy cholesterol, supporting normal blood pressure and improving muscle recovery after exercise. 

To insure strict adherence to world-class dairy management standards, SMBI manufactures its milk micronutrients in New Zealand under the auspices of the New Zealand Dairy Board. All SMBI products are produced from pasture-fed dairy cows that are antibiotic and hormone free. 

A more concentrated form of the product, called MicroLactin™, has been developed for the U.S. supplement market and is being marketed by Humanetics Corporation.

Recommended dose:
Clinical studies support using a loading dose of two grams of MicroLactin™ twice daily for the first 7-10 days followed by a maintenance dose of one gram twice daily thereafter. You may take it with or without food. 

To date, MicroLactin™ has only been clinically tested in adults. Use by individuals under the age of 20 should be done under the care of a health care provider. 

Individuals with allergy to cow's milk protein should avoid taking MicroLactin™. Milk proteins in MicroLactin™ may interfere with the activity of tetracycline-type antibiotics.


Santegra®’s product Arthromil™ contains 500 mg of MicroLactin™ in one tablet. The recommended daily intake of Arthromil™ is 4 tablets twice daily for the first 7-10 days and 2 tablets twice daily thereafter, which is the most effective dose proven in numerous clinical studies.


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