All Natural FluGone Pack Components

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  • decreased immune response,
  • when the fast activation of the immune system is actual (the first day or even hours of the illness),
  • frequent common colds,
  • flu epidemic,
  • prevention of infectious diseases,
  • antioxidant defense,
  • intestinal microflora imbalance,
  • essential after antibiotic therapy in an epidemic period.

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All Natural FluGone Pack Components:

 Essential C-curity (60 tablets)

FluGone™ (60 capsules)


Essential C-Curity™ contains vitamin C from five different sources, zinc, bioflavonoid complex and dietary indoles – to promote overall health.



FluGone™ is an effective natural product created to strengthen the immune system, first aid to protect against the common colds.

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Gemalon™ 500

(60 chewable tablets)

ProBiotic Complex (14packs)


Gemalon™ 500 is an all-natural and lactose-free source of immunoglobulins for the support and strengthening of the immune system.

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This unique ProBiotic Complex formula contains five most important probiotic species to maintain the balance of intestinal microflora, suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria, improve digestion and strengthen the immune system.