All Natural Diabetic Pack decreases sugar cravings, body weight, promotes fat burning, normalizes blood glucose levels and blood cholesterol levels

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  • increased glucose level,
  • obesity, dysbolism, chronic fatigue,
  • to increase lean muscle mass in sportsmen,
  • body cleansing, unbalanced diet, constipation,
  • liver protection against toxic substances,
  • inflammatory and degenerative processes in the liver,
  • taking medication (especially antibiotics),
  • alcohol consumption and smoking,
  • decreased immune response, dysbacteriosis,
  • food poisoning, fatigability,
  • increased cholesterol level,
  • increased body weight,
  • skin problems.


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All Natural Diabetic Pack Product Info:

All Natural Diabetic Pack - is an effective combination of products created by Santegra® to normalize blood glucose levels, decrease sugar cravings, decrease blood cholesterol levels, purify your body and support liver functions.


The most important component of pack contain natural Chromium + GPM™ complex. This complex is a "Boon for Diabetics", people with diabetes swear it helps them control blood sugar. Some people claim it helps lower high cholesterol. And of course, some people claim it is the magic dietary supplement that makes losing weight effortless.


But all dietary supplements are more effective in a complex approach to your organism. Only with potent body detoxification we can get best results.


Your liver is the first line of defense, the key organ in the body's detoxification system, the powerful filter, which cleanses up blood by filtering out the toxins. Normal liver function is the guarantee to the overall body's health.

The products used in All Natural Diabetic Pack provide mild laxative effect, normalize colonic propulsion and help decrease constipation - the wide spread health problem in most developed countries.

All Natural Diabetic Pack is a rich source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. General health recommendations for a daily consumption are 20-35 grams of fiber, but the average consumption in the developed countries is less than 15 grams. Dietary fibers provide natural intestinal cleansing; detoxify the body by absorbing the toxic substances and removing them from the body.

It is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, because of its ability to lower cholesterol levels. Health fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels, improve metabolism, and supports healthy intestine microflora balance. Another benefit is that dietary fiber decreases the appetite by promoting the sense of fullness in the stomach, thus assisting in weight control. Dietary fiber has been linked to the prevention of a number of diseases.


Fiber combats major causes of death and disability - heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.