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Entries in this directory:

Addiction Relief Addiction Relief program Santegra® - is an effective complex of natural products created to protect your body against the destructive effect of alcohol, drugs, tobacco

Arthritis Pack

All Natural Arthritis Pack will stimulate healthy joints, ligaments and bones, prevents osteoporosis, normalizes the production of synovial fluid

Body Cleanse

All Natural Body Cleanse Pack - body cleanse and body detoxification - a first and major step in maintaining good health

Diabetic Pack

All Natural Diabetic Pack decreases sugar cravings, body weight, promotes fat burning, normalizes blood glucose levels and blood cholesterol levels


Everyday Support

All Natural Everyday Support Pack - a new health-giving Santegra USA®’s Pack: vitamins, minerals, soluble and insoluble natural dietary fiber, normalizes and maintains liver functions


FluGone Pack

All Natural FluGone Pack – a combination of Santegra®'s products intended for strengthening the immune system, normalizes intestine microflora, helps in cold and flu prophylaxis


Liver Detox Pack

All Natural Liver Detox Pack - normalizes liver function, can be used in any oxidative stress ( alcohol, cigarette smoke, drugs, cellular aging, diet unbalance...)