About Santegra

Santegra, Inc. - World Leader in Research, Formulation and Distribution of Custom Natural Dietary Supplements

santegra usa - unique dietary supplements products

Our company Santegra USA is a branch of Santegra Global, which has been active since 1993 on the European Dietary Supplements Market. We have worked long and hard. We are the leading:
- Research Experts of
Dietary Supplement Development (USA),
Dietary Supplements Production Industry GSN (Garden State Nutritionals, Inc., USA),
- Santegra European Research Center,
- Strong International Distribution Team - Santegra Global.

Since 1993 we have created unique dietary supplements products that provide health and happiness to hundreds of thousands of our customers in Europe. And now, with our experience and ongoing over achievement, we would like to take the first step to making our product widely available in the USA.

The name of the company

Santegra USA - is a combination of two Latin roots: “san” – meaning to heal, cure, restore (“sanitas” – health), and “integra” – meaning complete, pure, balanced. Santegra USA major goals and objectives are better health for everyone and honesty and integrity in business. Santegra’s business is based on many years of experienced management, exclusive product formulas, that are manufactured according to the highest standards, and most importantly – on a team of international distributors – dedicated, motivated and energetic people.

The World's Leading Custom Manufacturer of Nutritional Products - Garden State Nutritionals, Inc.

gsn - The World's Leading Custom Manufacturer of Nutritional ProductsGarden State Nutritionals, Inc. has built a reputation over three decades as a trusted leader in the formulation, development and manufacture of custom natural dietary supplements.

We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate, creating more than 2000 new products every year. Our customers have come to rely upon us to give their products the flair, effectiveness and differentiation they need to find success in the marketplace.